If I gave out mom awards

Usually I use this space to talk about my amazing kids, but today I want to talk about my amazing mom friend and her incredible kid.

paper chain 1A few weeks ago, my friend announced on Facebook that her son decided to break the Guinness Book of World Records current record for the longest paper chain made by an individual – that’s about 2,000 feet of paper chain made by one person. Pretty ambitious goal for a seven year old, but does his mom say, “No” or “You can’t” ? She does not. She says sure and writes to GBWR to find out the next steps. She also starts collecting paper and glue from her mom community interested in helping this little guy reach his goal.

Then, she clears a space in her basement for him and provides endless encouragement. [SIDEBAR: This entire family is about encouraging each other. They have had some incredible challenges over the past few years and the way they constantly support each other is unbelievable.]

Unfortunately, my friend soon receives word that unless her son’s paper chain is constructed within 24 hours, it will not be eligible for the record. But does she let that slow her little man down? Not at all. In fact, she encourages him to continue and goes to FB for ideas on ways to keep him inspired to finish. What she gets is an outpouring of ideas (this lady knows an amazing group of moms) that includes a plan to use the chains as decoration for the 2014 Raiderthon event at WSU. AWESOME!

The little guy persevered and completed his 2,000 foot paper chain this week. Not only does he accomplish a personal goal, but he learns that his mom and dad will stand behind him, that he has people who believe in him, that sometimes you have to be flexible and adaptable and set new goals, and that adapting your goal does not mean failure. He’s helped me teach my kids those things and maybe inspired them to try and set a few amazing goals of their own.

And to his mom I say congratulations. Look at this amazing thing you have accomplished. You inspire me and if I had a mom of the year award to give, I would definitely give it you!



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