laundryI love clothes. I love shopping. I love shopping for clothes. I have spent lots of money and time finding great outfits that stay on trend but aren’t too trendy. I have a huge Pinterest style board and am known for standing in my closet with my smartphone shuffling through that board to put together an outfit.

I am also known for having a closet that is organized by color, type of clothing, and appropriate time of year for wearing the clothing. I will lay out clothes for an entire week’s worth of meetings and outings.

I have clothes for fancy outings and TV appearances, for dance recitals and football games, for trimming goat hooves and chasing errant cattle.

I love clothes. But I HATE LAUNDRY!!

It’s not like I don’t understand the necessity for laundry. I have a lot of clothes. I do some really gross things in my clothes like feed pigs and clean out chicken coops and slosh through lots of mud.

But every week, I dread that task more than anything I have to do in or out of my house. And I get the privilege of doing some pretty gross things around our farm.

It could be because I have been doing laundry for so long. I did a lot of laundry as a kid at home for my brothers and mom. I have probably been doing laundry for at least 30 years.

At an average of five loads a week, that is 7,800 loads of laundry!!! Holy crap!!

Or it could be that it is truly one of the most underappreciated tasks a mom gets to do. The gathering, sorting, turning out, stain treating, washing, drying, folding, hanging, putting away, and missing sock chasing just gets old after a while. Especially when no one knows you’ve done it until they can’t find a clean pair of underwear or their favorite shirt!

Just the other day, Jack wanted to know how his socks and underwear were always in his drawer. “It’s like a miracle, mom. We put them in the wash and they just come back.”

I told him that was because I did the laundry and he said, “Oh, cool.”

Yeah, cool.  I asked him if he thought a laundry fairy did it, and he said that would be really cool. Yes, and maybe next time she comes we can have her bring along her cousins: the dishes fairy, the toilet cleaning fairy and the window cleaning fairy, too.

This post was inspired by the Daily Prompt: Those Dishes Won’t Do Themselves (Unfortunately).


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