Wah Wah Wahhhh

untitledSo a few weeks ago, I let a couple of my favorite Dayton mom bloggers  talk me into entering an essay for the Erma Bombeck writing contest.

Every two years, the University of Dayton hosts a writing conference in honor of the late humor writer who was from Dayton. This year, the conference sold out in less than 12 hours at a steeper price than I could commit to.

Enter Holly Michael and Jenny Rapson.

Holly’s blog Bringing Home the Bacon is my favorite ‘life with a farmer’ blog that always makes me laugh. Jenny and her cousin Emily write Momminitup, a fantastically funny blog about life with kids and so much more.

When they started trash talking on Facebook about entering the 2014 Erma Bombeck Writing Competition (the winners get free admission to the conference), I thought we might have a chance. I mean what’s funnier then raising small kids, or living with a farmer, or being new farmers, or homeschooling three kids all while running a blog. We so had this.

And then we found out that maybe we didn’t have it.

We lost to an essay about boogers. Seriously?! I have twin boys; trust me, I have booger stories. I could have stooped to that level. Instead I went with a humorous look at the circle of life and my evening with the opossum in my hen house. It was funny!

We have made a pact to start stashing cash for the 2016 conference. We will be there. In the mean time, I will also be saving all of my fart stories from now until then. A good fart story can topple a booger story any day.


4 thoughts on “Wah Wah Wahhhh

  1. Ah! Thank You Thank You Thank you! I also entered the EBWC and I also thought I had a pretty good chance of winning and I was also bummed about losing to a booger story. They want booger stories?! I’ve got some booger stories! Heck, I’ve probably got boogers on me right now! Anyways, I was just sitting here reading some other blogs from people who went (“it was amazing”, “definitely going back next year” “It changed my life”) and I was just starting to feel bitter when I came across yours. I forgot that I wasn’t the only loser! Yay? Anyways, thanks for posting!

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