Short on Confidence

Me coverWhen I decided to go grey, I knew that short hair was in my future. I wasn’t one of those who could grow it out waiting for the grey hair/blonde hair line to move down my head. I’m impatient like that.

But, oh, how the decision to have super short hair has changed things. The color is certainly noticeable, but the length of my hair has been more impactful. Here are just a few of the comments I have received:

“If I cut my hair like that, people would think I was gay.”

“Wow! I can’t imagine ever having hair that short!”

“Is your neck always cold?”

“Why would you do that? Your hair was so beautiful.”

“What number trimmer did they use?”

“Did you go to a salon or a barber?”

“I love it, but I could never do that.”

I have always heard that men prefer long hair, and I suppose that the stereotype is true. But all of these comments came from other women.  That surprised me.

Maybe it’s that hair is such a part of how we define our beauty. We use our hair style and color to describe ourselves. Our hair acts as a shield, a force field protecting and hiding the parts of us we don’t want others to see.

Take that away by cutting it super short and you better have some serious confidence. And a super confident woman makes other women uncomfortable.

If I could, I would give every woman a super short hair cut.

I would want them to feel the freedom of knowing that you are beautiful no matter what your hair looks like. To boost their confidence and make them stand taller. To feel the wind or rain in your hair without fear of it getting messed. To appreciate each other more and not tear each other down for the faults and misgivings we see in ourselves. To be able to get out of the shower and go without using a blow dryer/curling iron/straightening iron or product!

Thanks to everyone who has said to me how much they love this cut and how great it looks on me. I smile for hours after every compliment.


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