I Brake for Spring Break Cleaning

to doIt almost never happens – the convergence of all of our spring breaks into one week. Mak is off dance this week. The college where I work is closed, and the kid’s virtual/homeschool is out this week as well. WOOHOO!

When I realized this was going to be a completely free week, my first instinct was to fill it with various day trips for the kids, lunches and coffees with friends and a possible date night or two.

But then it hit me. I CAN GET SO MUCH DONE!!

Even though I only work part time and am home the vast majority of my days, it seems as though I can never get anything done. Now I have a week and I am going to cram as many chores/tasks into it as I possibly can.

In order to be accountable, I thought I should make a virtual to do list. Maybe with this shared list I will stay on track and motivated to get it all done.

Here we go:

1. Clean out the garage.

2. Install new bathroom light fixtures.

3. Install new mud room light fixtures.

4. Build new small coop for the baby chicks to move outside.

5. Finish two knitting projects already on needles.

6. Finish family room painting.

7. Date night!

Happy spring break!



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