Maybe I’m Frozen

frozenI have never been much on the whole Disney princess thing. I understand the appeal of princesses to little girls, but believe that they portray unrealistic expectations of love and life in general.

However, I have shared them with Makenna and tried to explain the bigger moral lessons like confidence, independence, and self awareness where I could find them.

This weekend, she asked me to watch ‘Frozen’ with her. Unlike the rest of the planet that has shelled out a whopping $1.1 billion to see the movie and own merchandise, we were not impressed.

The story line just seemed underdeveloped. Why put Elsa and her magic in the story, but never explain where she got it? So little time was spent on her character development, in fact, that when the big “Let It Go” scene took place I felt nothing and was actually hoping that she might turn evil at that point. At least there would be some real drama then.

There was no credible antagonist in the story. It was like Disney felt it wouldn’t be politically correct to have the sisters locked in a good vs. evil relationship. Let’s try and make everyone love everyone. Even the ‘evil’ prince didn’t get to spend much time making us love or hate him. He was just kind of there.

Maybe I’m missing something, but I really don’t get the attraction to this movie. The whole story felt flimsy and unbelievable at best even for a fantasy.

What am I missing?


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