Farm Philosophy: You might be a farmer if


henriettaSlowly, but surely, David and I are making the transition into full-fledged farmers. Here is how I know: we can compile a list like this because we have done all these things in the last few years. Is it possible you are a farmer, too?

1. You find the idea of a ride on the tractor more appealing than a ride on a motorcycle

2. You get excited about the idea of purchasing a new pair of Justins

3. You know what a pair of Justins are

4. You drive by a pasture with the windows open and can tell what farm animal lives there strictly by the scent of manure

5. You know the difference between a pasture and a field

6. You have ever incubated anything, slept in a stall of a birthing animal, or gone out hourly on all kinds of weather to check on just-birthed animals

7. You have ever wondered if you have too much mud, hay, straw, manure, or some combination of all of these on your boots to come inside without washing them off

8. You own multiple pairs of long johns, gloves, hats with tractor or feed logos and/or mud boots

9. You have ever uttered the phrase “The [animal] is out” and was not referring to a cat, dog, or guinea pig

10. You spend 20 minutes every day chasing free-range chickens back into their coop

11. You have ever Googled ‘how to tell when goats are in heat’, ‘can a pig eat broccoli’, ‘should my castrated steer be that interested in the heifers in his pasture’ or ‘how to kill an oppossum’

12. Your day is never complete without a conversation about market prices, broken equipment, chicken sex, and/or the weather

13. The dream of new deck furniture pales in comparison to the dream of a new-to-you Gator with working four-wheel drive

14. You know better than to name any animal that might someday end up on your plate

15. You know the difference between hay and straw

16. You spend more money at TSC, Rural King, or the local feed store than you do any where else

17. You never get a day off…ever

18. You have to do nightly tick checks on your kids

19. You use a cowbell to bring everyone to the table

20. You get up before the sun everyday and go to bed way after it sets with sore muscles, straw in your hair and a satisfied grin on your face

If you answered yes to more than five of these,  you might just be a farmer. If you would be interested in testing your theoty by trying five or more of these, you might just need to visit us down on the farm!


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