Save me, Google

crazy-cartoonEvery once in a while, I like to go back through my recent searches and compile a list of the crazy things I have had to search for in the past few weeks. I think it is an interesting snapshot of everything we have going on.

The particularly crazy lists are fun to share. Here’s your sneak peek into the chaos that is our daily life.

1. Incubating ducks at home (More on this tomorrow)

2. Introducing new chicks into your existing flock

3. More egg recipes (Up to 17 a day and more coming in July!)

4. Are poisonous frogs really poisonous to us? (Makenna’s research paper)

5. Local art galleries

6. Wedding makeup ideas (For a friend’s wedding)

7. Quarterly tax requirements

8. Dayton area chicken processors

9. Dayton sports media (Pete Rose event)

10. Gluten free kitchen organization

11. How to get eyeliner out of carpeting (Long story)

12. Hydroponics basics (Teaching a class at Earthfest at Gardenstation!)

13. Transporting a goat (Goat is coming to Earthfest)

14. Essential pond plants

15. Greenhouse equipment needs

See what I mean? These are just a few of the crazy things going on in the Baker household. What about you? If we read your Google (Bing) search history, what would we find?


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