The joys of homeschooling


The view from my spot in the lobby.

For the last three afternoons, I have camped out in the lobby of a local hotel, shivering in a corner, people watching and waiting for Makenna to finish her annual Ohio Academic Achievement tests. While we do homeschool, our program is a public virtual school and testing is mandatory.

I have used the time to write on this blog, edit magazine articles, and develop lists of things to do once I’m out of here. But mostly, I have watched people. The other homeschool parents, the business people using the space for meetings, the various guests of the hotel, even the hotel staff. It’s been interesting.

I have seen every manner of dress – pajamas, suits, winter snow boots with shorts, yoga pants, dresses, crazy purple hair, you name it. I have heard all kinds of conversations – moms yelling at their crazy kids from across the lobby, moms sharing the woes of childrearing with other moms, parents arguing with teachers about policies and procedures, a group of businessmen apparently negotiating a hostile takeover, a man giving a deposition about a case involving fraud and misuse of funds, a woman fighting with her married lover.

I even saw a staff member get fired for stealing from the bar cash drawer during her shift. A better crossroads of American culture I dare you to find!

All this because we felt that public school wasn’t offering our kids what they needed like a variety of challenges, experiential learning and exposure to culture. Who would have thought that all we needed to do was go sit in a hotel lobby for an afternoon?!


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