VTA Series: I <3 Music

black violinMusic has always been a huge part of my life. As a kid, I sang at church and took years of piano lessons.

When I was older I joined the band starting on the flute. By high school, I could play piano, flute, oboe and bassoon. I then took up saxophone for marching band and joined the choir. I was obsessed.

I loved performing. I practiced for hours because I loved it. I sang, whistled, and hummed so much the rest of my family took to wearing headphones to tune me out!

Unlike most of my friends, I knew my major before I knew what college I would attend. Music, specifically music education, seemed like a natural choice. I would help other kids with a passion for music find an outlet and grow their talent.

When I finally decided that Bowling Green State University was the place for me, I felt like I had it all figured out. I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up and I was taking the steps to make it happen.

Then it all changed. Music education as a major doesn’t really allow for much performance time. And performing was what I really loved, but music performance as a major didn’t guarantee a job after you completed your degree.

I had to face it, there were very few opportunities for bassoonists in the world. I mean most orchestras only need one. My chances of getting a full-time singing gig were even more unlikely.

So I stuck with music education and  began to hate with a passion the music that I had always loved. rehearsals and lessons became chores. We were constantly hearing about the shrinking job market with schools cutting music programs and therefore band and choir director positions all over the country.

Finally, I went to observe as a student teacher in an inner city school in Detroit. We entered the elementary school through metal detectors and were witnesses to the arrest of a third grader who was selling drugs for his high school brother. The teacher shared horror stories of her car being vandalized and her lack of a raise in nearly four years. She was ready to call it quits, and so was I.

I dropped out of the program not returning to BGSU the following fall. I am so glad I did. After some reflection and time away, I found a profession that I love and regained my passion for music.

Maybe I overdid it early on, or maybe I was just meant to love to sing and perform, but not get paid to do it! Either way, I am glad to have music back in my life in a positive way.

Even more, I get excited every time I get to share that passion with the kids through our homeschool lessons. Watching them jam to something old school, sing along with an amazing performer or dance to a classic renews my sense of excitement and enjoyment.

I love it when they find a song or a band that they love and want to share with me. Even better when the group is taking something old and making it new – like Black Violin.

We are all pumped about getting to see this phenomenal group perform at the Victoria this Saturday. Black Violin mixes R&B, fusion jazz, classical and even pop music in a way that makes you want to jump out of your seat and move. You can’t help nodding your head along – sometimes to Bach and others to Bruno Mars. It’s spectacular!

You won’t want to miss this amazing group. I have two tickets to give away for Friday’s performance at the Schuster. Tell me about your passion is the comments below. Is it music, too? Writing? Painting? Maybe it’s laundry. I don’t care, just tell me about it, and I will draw a random name for two free tickets to Friday’s performance by end of the day Wednesday.

VICTORIA THEATRE ASSOCIATION PRESENTS Apollo legends BLACK VIOLIN. They will compose a concert just for you with booming new beats, classic faves and cool pop covers. With superstars Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Akon, Diddy and Linkin Park singing their praises, BLACK VIOLIN smashes musical stereotypes and will enthrall lovers of Bach and Beyoncé. They have inspired folks from all over North America to get fired up about classical music—proving that their hearts are as big and soulful as their sound.BLACK VIOLIN. Tickets are still available for Friday, May 2, at the Victoria Theatre. SEASON TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW! CALL TICKET CENTER STAGE AT (937) 228-3630! OR SUBSCRIBE ONLINE AT TICKET CENTER STAGE!


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