Gluten Free Cooking 101

cooking classFor the past four weeks, I taught a gluten free cooking class at a local senior center. With such a small kitchen, I only had room for four students. However, several of the sweet seniors who come every Tuesday for Bridge Night told me it smelled so good they wished they had signed up!

In addition to actually cooking some pretty tasty GF food, I shared the breadth and wealth of my GF knowledge gleaned through three years of research, trial and error, and frustration while moving our family into this lifestyle.

I thought these tips and recipes might be helpful to some of you.

Getting Started – Starting a gluten free lifestyle is difficult and requires much patience and dedication. I wouldn’t wish this on anyone who doesn’t have to do it. Because I live with four others who have Celiac Disease, I don’t have a choice. If you decide to move forward, here is one of the most comprehensive posts I have ever found about making the transition. It covers everything from clearing out your pantry and fridge to understanding the difference between the disease and intolerance. I share it with anyone who asks about living gluten free.

GF in Dayton – I am a big fan of sharing local info  for GF folks. One of the best is knowing what restaurants offer GF options and where to shop. When it comes to knowing where to go in Dayton, nobody covers it better than Gluten-Free in Dayton. As for shopping in our area, Kroger, Meijer, WalMart, Health Foods Unlimited, Trader Joes and Dorothy Lane Market offer some pretty good selection. I also recommend a service called Tasterie, which ships samples of GF products right to your door. Love that!

GF Resources – There are more blogs, Facebook pages, Pinterest boards and Instagram pics than I could eve share. Here are a few of my favorites:

Finally, here are links to the recipes I shared with my classes. I tweak them here and there according to our taste. So don’t feel like you have to use these straight. And don’t feel like you have to be gluten free to enjoy them. They are fantastic!

No Crust Pizza

Sausage/Potato/Spinach Frittata (Recipe calls for Egg Beaters, but of course, I substituted farm fresh BA Farms eggs – 7 whole eggs and  4 egg whites)

GF Breakfast Cookies (Make sure to use GF Oats.)

Fried Honey Bananas




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