Farm Philosophy: An Ode to Our Pigs

wpid-20130920_085214.jpgIt has been a busy couple of weeks on the farm. Not only is it spring and all kinds of projects need done, but we have also participated in an Earth Day celebration and, most importantly, taken our pigs to market.

First, let me say that getting 300 lb. pigs into a trailer to be taken to market is not as easy as it sounds. True. Four of the pigs happily followed the food and went on willingly. But those last two, the ones that we poked, prodded, yelled at, cajoled and nearly spent the night with after getting stuck in 15″ of muddy quicksand – well, they are enjoying a reprieve. Their day will come. Soon.

Through it all, there is something satisfying in knowing that you have raised healthy food for your friends and neighbors.

Especially when you’ve raised it in a good environment with lots of sun, plenty of fresh water and a varied diet. All while avoiding the steroids and antibiotics that are prevalent in so much of the meat we consume these days.

So with that, we say, thank you Pork Chop, Bacon, Oscar and Meyer. We appreciate your sacrifice to ensure that the friends and family who purchased you have healthy meals in the future. We hope that you enjoyed your time on Bakers Acres and that we treated you with every kindness.

And to Sam the Ham and Loiner, we say enjoy these last few days in the sun and all the extra space in that pen as we will soon enjoy you!


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