There’s something men like about a pick up girl

carDavid has finally convinced me that it’s time to give up my car and make the move to a truck. I have fought for months using the gas mileage strategy – my car gets much better mileage and I do tons of short trip driving all over town with the kids.

His response – We live on a farm! We use trucks all the time. Hauling things like hay and gravel and mulch and equipment and feed and livestock and God only knows what else.

I argued that I use my car to haul multiple kids at a time and their friends. That takes more seating than a truck has to offer.

He says we also need more vehicles that can unstick things – tractors in boggy fields, a bobcat turned on its side in the pond, the dually truck stuck in the snow, etc.

I said, “Don’t get stuck so much!”

So it went on. Then I saw it; the first real spot of rust started to bloom on a fender well. Crap. I knew then it was only a matter of time.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t drive a fancy sports car. It’s a Mazda 5 with sliding van-like doors, a 5-speed transmission and a simple silver color. Oh yeah. Zoom- Zoom.

It is terrible on tires, had to be nearly disassembled to have the clutch replaced and incurs lot of wrath from the husband when it needs brakes or shocks or even an oil change. My kids call it the Dork Wagon and/or the Jellybean.

I don’t care, it’s mine. I put nearly 90K miles on it. It was my first new car; drove it off the lot. I’ve never owned another car this long.

The time has come to say goodbye. My search for a really cool homeschool teacher, farm wife, PR pro, event planner, magazine editor truck is on. It will have A/C, a radio with CD (that works) and an extended cab. Maybe I can find one in red?


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