A Little Scare


David and I had a rather rare opportunity to sit down at the table together and have a chat over a little ice cream last night. We were making plans for the farm, talking about kids and summer and just catching up a bit. It was divine.

Until the deck caught on fire.

Ok, the deck didn’t fully catch on fire. Actually the lights we have strung around the deck railing caught on fire. Last fall, we put some indoor/outdoor rope lighting around the top of the railing. We liked the color and mood the lighting created and have left them up since.

We have unplugged them on occasion and debated taking them down, but ultimately we liked the way they looked. So, the lights stayed.

As we were chatting last night, I looked up and saw smoke drifting across the deck. We jumped up, ran out and found a fire had started within the lights connector. Sparks were flying, and there was a flame about six inches high.


Let me reiterate. We hardly ever have a chance to sit down like that. For whatever reason, we had the time and we took it last night. Miracle of miracles, we were there to catch the fire before it spread. To keep our deck from going up in flames. To keep our house solid and safe. To protect our family.

This morning, we are thankful. And blessed. And more mindful.



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