In the event of a real emergency…

I don’t think of myself as chicken per say. I have eaten crazy foods like alligator and rattlesnake (and some questionable sushi.) I have tried crazy hair colors, some on purpose others not so much. I have ridden roller coasters, faced down a nasty possum, and gone toe to toe with some tough interviewers.  Hell, I’ve even bungee jumped!


“You just sit back in your harness and the gear do all the work,” they told us. Mmmm Hmmm.

So when I was invited out to celebrate the 5th anniversary of Ozone Zipline Adventures at Media Day, I thought, I can do this!

As the day got closer, I got a bit more apprehensive. What do I really know about ziplining? How does the harness work? How do you get up in the trees? There are seriously only a few straps of fabric and a helmet between you and the ground? A ground which is as much as 300-400 feet away at times? Really?

There was something about that thin little cable and the handful of metal that was to hold me on it that just scared the crap out of me!


I will give them that the view was spectacular!

When I shared that I planned to do this, I had lots of people telling me how much I would love it. They shared their experiences. “Oh the exhilaration,” they said. “Once you get past the first zip, you’ll love it,” they said. “It’s such an amazing experience,” they said.

This morning I opted for no breakfast. God knows, I didn’t want to be the one hurling over a platform while the rest of the local media got photos and video. Turns out it was a wise decision. By the time we got up to our first 3-foot wide platform encircling a tree, 100 feet up, with the only way down being a very tiny cable, I was thankful for an empty stomach.


Can you see the fear in my eyes?

Here’s the deal. Those folks that said they loved it are probably right. It is probably one of the most unique feelings you’ll ever experience. You will probably enjoy the rush and the thrill of jump after jump.

That is unless you are like me and keep spinning around, hurtling towards a platform that you can’t see, all the while wondering how you will run up the platform as instructed when you get to it because YOU ARE GOING BACKWARDS!!!


Did I mention that in order to get to the zipline, you had to walk up these bridges? From tree to tree? I wasn’t sure which was worse, not watching my feet or looking down!

Seriously? Do these kinds of things happen to other people? I was the only one in my group who had a problem staying forward. Perhaps it was that my straps were lopsided? Maybe I lean to one side? Could it have been the death grip I had on the rope?



God bless my helpful guide Paula who had an abundance of patience with me.

Whatever the problem, I must admit that this is not a must-do-again. Ever. Maybe if there were brain-craving zombies chasing me. Nah, even then I would prefer to take my chance on solid ground.

Honestly, if you are into adventures and thrills, then this is for you. The Camp Kern staff was instructive, informative, excessively patient and calming. Even if you are like me and believe, like Eleanor Roosevelt did, that every day you should “Do one thing that scares you.” I never regret the experiences  I at least try; only the ones I don’t. Go for it!




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