UPDATE: 2014 Summer Bucket List



We are having a great summer. How about you!?

We have had trips to Kings Island and around the state. We held our family reunion and a fun 4th of July party with family. There has been tons of swimming, biking, batting, volleying and even a flour war! We have nearly completed the library summer reading program, and we’ve tracked everything in our summer journals.

Be sure to check out all the photos from our adventures on my Facebook page.

Hope you are having a blast, too!


2. Summer reading program at the library

3. Cool rock painting

4. Follow the MTWThF Schedule

5. Visit the zoo

6. Splash pads galore!

7. Swim in the pond

8. Flour war!

9. Create summer journals

10. Fossil hunting

11. Family Reunion


12. Visit the beach

13. Go to the fair

14. Make popsicles

15. Make a magazine profile

16. Visit Sunwatch Indian Village

17. Play games!

18. Watch movies

19. Ride our bikes

20. Sponge Ball tag



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