Wild horses, a truckful of chickens and bunch of PO’d neighbors

I don’t always dream. In fact, most nights I never dream, but when I do you can bet they are some wild and crazy adventures.

Take last night’s dream for example.

I was on the farm weeding the garden when I heard a loud braying and turned just in time to see a beautiful, dapple gray horse charging through our pasture. It cleared the fence in a beautiful leap and flied past me in a blur of stony-colored muscle, pounding hooves and loud snorts.

At first, I was confused. We don’t own any horses, but when I looked back to the pasture I saw another 15-20 handsome specimens driving my cattle into a frenzy. I quickly realized that our neighbor’s thoroughbreds had somehow wondered on to our land.

I headed to the house to tell David when I was accosted by a crazy-looking, filthy man in only overalls and flip flops driving an old farm pickup filled with about 40 chickens. He skids to a stop in front of me, hops out in a fury, and starts yelling about how my chickens were loose and tearing up his garden.

Calmly, I begin explaining that these are indeed not my chickens as my chickens are clearly visible in my coop. He won’t hear of it and begins letting them out one by one to run free in my garden.

The next thing you know, another neighbor is coming up the drive with a herd of dairy goats driven by his dog. He is furious that chicken guy’s goats appeared on his deck an hour earlier.

Before long, the horse guy appears, accusing me of stealing his prize winners.

I am surrounded by screaming neighbors, bleating goats, pecking chickens, an angry dog, and the sound of cows who aren’t very happy to be sharing their space with horses – thoroughbreds or not. It is a complete zoo.

And then I wake up.

My blood pressure is soaring. I am completely exhausted, but wide awake. And since it’s 3am and very foggy, I can’t verify that all of livestock is exactly where it’s supposed to be without getting on my muck boots, grabbing a flashlight and going out to check.

Instead, I vow to never have caffeinated tea before bed again, pick up my book and get in an extra two hours of reading before passing out once again.

Thank goodness I don’t dream every night!


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