One very long, SUPER BORING week

jacksonIt was a call that no parent ever wants to receive.

I was sitting at Makenna’s dance class waiting for her to finish so that we could pick up the boys from their football scrimmage. I was already feeling guilty about missing the game, but I can’t be two places at once. Then the phone rings.

“Mrs. Baker, this is Coach Andy. One of the boys, and I’m sorry, I have a hard time telling which one is which, just took a pretty violent shot to the head. He was on the ground for a minute, but now we have him on the sidelines and he’s complaining of a head ache. We think he ought to be seen by a doctor.”

Instant terror filled me. Jack was hurt, and I was more than 20 minutes away.

I ripped Makenna out of class and flew down the highway to get him. I felt horrible. Horrible for not being there. Horrible that we had allowed him to play a full contact sport. Horrible that he was sitting on a sideline waiting for me, in pain, and I had no idea what was next for him.

We headed straight to Dayton Children’s Urgent Care and were seen by a doctor pretty quickly. Luckily, Jack’s headache was gone, and he was exhibiting no other symptoms. In fact, he kept telling the nurses and doctors that all he really needed was a milkshake. 🙂

He was still put on extreme stimulus restrictions. No TV. No video games. No board games. No reading. No music. No running, jumping, swimming or, certainly, football.


He was pretty much allowed to sit. On his bed. Period. Yikes.

Here’s what I learned. My son is funny. Hilariously so. Given the opportunity to just sit and chat, he will always make you smile.

He is also creative. He calmly played with cars on the deck. He had his sister read to him. He asked to call people to chat. He took long bubble baths. He sat on the deck and watched the cows and goats and chickens. He kept himself as busy and as occupied as possible.

He also got bored. Really bored. SUPER BORED!!

In the end, he survived and received a clean bill of health just yesterday. He will ease back in to activities this week. As we drove away from the doctor’s office, he asked if he could turn on the radio. Out pours the opening bars to his favorite 80’s tune, “Jukebox Hero” by Foreigner. Don’t ask me why, but he loves it and the smile that spread across his face was priceless!

Something else I learned, the love between my boys is strong. It may be masked at times by their intense need for competition and seemingly constant bickering, but there underneath, if you look close, they do love each other.

I know because at the hospital, Dylan told me that when Jack was hurt and lying on the field, he cried for him. Then he asked me if Jack would have to stay in the hospital that night. I told him no, but he added, “Well, if he does, I’m staying here with him. He won’t have to stay here by himself!”

How sweet is that!?



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