Handmade tromps store bought every time, right?

imageI read this blog post today, and it reminded me that I had intended to write about this issue for a while.

I make a lot of handmade gifts. Last Christmas alone I knitted:

– 6 pairs of slippers
– 9 scarves/bowls
– 4 hats
– 2 ponchos
– 1 throw

I love being able to make something warm, soft and, hopefully, useful for people that I love.

But I do believe that most people equate homemade gifts with being  cheap. If they knew how much yarn costs and how many hours I put into the effort, they would understand otherwise. (Just ask my husband about my yarn stash!)

I believe that there are good homemade gifts and bad. Be they cheesy, tacky or just plain not useful, a homemade gift loses its appeal if you made it because you liked it and not with the recipient in mind.

It’s a skill that I’m teaching Makenna about her knitted gifts. Just because you can knit a change purse on a string in that leftover neon yarn that you like, doesn’t mean you should – especially if you’ve never seen that person use a change purse.


As the saying goes, in the end it is the thought that counts. So I say gift make away. Some will like and use your gifts. Others will ‘accidentally’ leave them at your house or use them to tie up loose cables behind their TV (both true stories).

Their loss!


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