Stressing Out

stressWhy is it that every major project I am working on is always due in the same two week period? In the next two weeks, I have:

  • Copy deadline and editing for the magazine
  • Event of which I am co-chair
  • Two events for which I am the event planner
  • Kid’s birthday party
  • Open house for the college

My brain keeps firing off details at the strangest times. I’ve left myself several frantic voicemails in the last week just because I wasn’t in a position to write them down.

And all of this is on top of the usual stress – farm chores to complete before winter, kids’ homeschool schedules and teaching classes.

I deal with stress in different ways. Most of them involve large amounts of coffee, breaks for Pintrest searching and waking up unusually early to take advantage of the quiet in the house.

My hubs, on the other hand, can’t sleep. Like ever. In fact, it’s so bad that he is gong to see a sleep specialist (FINALLY) this week.

In fact it was in reviewing paperwork for that appointment that inspired this post. There is a question on the form that asked him to ‘briefly describe your primary sleep disturbance’. The options included difficulty falling asleep, snoring, restless sleep, difficulty staying asleep, periods of not breathing normally at night, excessive daytime sleepiness. Instead of picking one, he circled the WHOLE box!

Sleep is a key factor to our health, and while I am able to fall asleep quickly and need relatively little of it (5-6 hours max), many people are not getting the sleep they need.

I hope that David finds some answers in his visit to the sleep clinic. In the mean time, I will be the over in the corner of my office hooked up to a coffee IV, with a phone tucked under my ear writing down messages from myself, and shopping for balloons, cake and birthday presents online.

No wonder my eyes are bloodshot.


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