VTA Series: Why my future vaca won’t include walks on a beach

Many thanks to the lovely folks at DaytonLocal.com for running this post on their site. You can get the full version here.


My kids have been begging me for a trip to the ocean. We live in Ohio. It’s not like the ocean is that far away.

Fifteen hours in a car gets you to Myrtle Beach. For another five or so hours, you can get just about any where in Florida. Take the whole day and you can get to Galveston, TX, and the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s not like this is an unreasonable vacation request.

Ask them why they want to go and they will spout off lines from Finding Nemo. They will enthusiastically tell you the stories of Winter from Dolphin Tale and Willy from Free Willy. They will calmly explain that the Newport Aquarium is cool and all, but it’s not like being in the real ocean. They might even sing you a tune or two from The Little Mermaid.

Talk to their dad and you will hear tale after scary tale of swimmers and surfers torn apart in episodes of Shark Week. Needless to say, he’s not a big shark fan, and we aren’t getting our feet wet in the ocean any time soon…

ImaginoceanThe rest of this post is available at DaytonLocal.com.


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