Here Comes the Bride

image Last month, I attended a truly fairy tale wedding. In fact the story of Barbie and Eric’s love is the stuff of a Disney movie with a beautiful princess, a prince charming, and an adorable dog that brings them all together. And while their story may just inspire a series of children’s books in my future, it’s the wedding itself I want to talk about. Over the years, I have planned, attended and DJ’d (I think I just made up a new verb) a lot of weddings. Starting with my own 22 years ago, I realized quickly that so many weddings end up nothing like the bride and groom envisioned. Between well-meaning relatives, vendors who need to make a profit and all those bridal shows out there, it’s really difficult for any woman to have the wedding she wants without turning into a bridezilla! Barbie had years to plan and dream and wonder what her special day would be like. Even more, what her prince would be like. When she finally met the man of her dreams, she knew what she wanted and she was sticking to the plan. For that, and much more, I admire her. Including some really special moments with her sister and the dog that brought them together, Barbie and Eric allowed all of their guests to experience the fairytale that was their love story. They included traditions from her hometown (a special cookie bar), Eric’s beautiful granddaughters, friends and family members from across the country and several personal touches that Barbie created herself. The night was spectacular and I am happy to have been invited to participate. image So to them I say congratulations on finding this beautiful love, and thank you for allowing me to share in your touching ceremony. It was an incredible night.


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