So if you follow me elsewhere or have read my past posts (like this one and this one, too) you know that we have a BIG weekend coming up.

All three kids have birthdays next week, so every year we throw a Halloween Birthday Bash. This year is no exception.

While most families look forward to Christmas or Independence Day,  we LOVE Halloween. We decorate everything and start planning costumes as early as February. It is a big deal!

That said, we have to work hard to top ourselves every year. We have had Witch Doctors, Zombie Ballerinas, even an Avatar.

This year is even more exciting because the boys are (finally) getting into the fun of creating a costume rather than buying one. So much so that yesterday found us shopping for supplies at the Goodwill and Jo-Ann Store. I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

In the mean time, I have enjoyed Makenna’s dance week costumes.


The Black Swan


Indian Warrior Princess


A not so scary scarecrow


I hear Maleficent, the Joker and Scarecrow from Batman may pay us a visit on Saturday. Can’t wait!!


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