Sooolid Rock, Sooolid Rock

JESUSRecently, I had to take the boys to special testing for school.  The testing took place at the Solid Rock Church in West Chester. You know the one with the giant Jesus statue that got hit by lightening and burned to the ground. (Oh, the irony.)

Anyway, it reminded me of the last time I had been at the church. David and I weren’t even married yet. So it was over 20 years ago.

At the time, we had a small recording studio and did all kinds of work from floor routine music for gymnasts and live recordings for local bands to church choirs and a few commercials.

We were hired to help produce a jingle/radio spot for the soon-to-open church. Let me just say the dramatic chorus stays with me to this day. I can still hear it now…

So-olid Rock
So-olid Rock
So-olid Rock
So-lid Rock
So-lid Rock
So-lid Rock
Solid Roooooooooock

This were some so-olid lyrics.

At the time, the rumors were rampant.

“I heard it was paid for by the big rancher across the highway as a tax deduction.”

“Someone told me they have a credit card swiper on the offering plate!”

“So and so said they are planning to put in this giant statue of Jesus that everyone from the highway will see.”

While not all of the rumors were true, over the years I couldn’t help but sing that jingle every time I saw Touchdown Jesus. (Or Big Butter Jesus if you prefer.) I only ever went inside the offices of the main building, that kind of church was not for me, but I understand it is pretty amazing.

When Touchdown Jesus burned down, many hoped that he would not live again three days or three years later. The new statue is subtler, but not nearly as nickname inspiring.


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