I had bacon next to Kevin Bacon

Guardians The kid’s new favorite movie is Guardians of the Galaxy. Although I fell asleep when we went to see it in the theater, I have come to enjoy it and LOVE the soundtrack. One of the kids’ favorite scene’s is when Peter is explaining music, and more importantly dance, to Gamora. He reverently claims Kevin Bacon is a hero who saves his community through dance in the movie Footloose. His example nearly draws Gamora in and got the kids wanting to know who is Kevin Bacon. When we quickly explained he is an actor who also plays the zombie bad cop Hayes in R.I.P.D. (another favorite movie in our house), they immediately knew who he was. I went on to tell them the story of how I had breakfast NEXT to Kevin Bacon once. Back in the day, the PR/marketing agency I worked for also had a division that produced movies. I had the chance to work on publicity for one of those movies – Dallas 362. Long story short, I ended up managing red carpet arrivals for the movie premiere event on Sunset Blvd in LA. I had a blast. I stayed at the Standard Hotel in Hollywood, backdrop for many a movie over the years. I met Blues Saraceno, a spectacular musician whose rocking guitar albums are usually playing in the background while I write. I shook hands with House’s Hugh Laurie, and chased Debra Messing into a Lacoste store on Rodeo Dr. just trying to confirm it was actually her. (Sorry about that.) I ran smack into Taye Diggs in an elevator in the hotel. Literally. I ran right into him and dropped everything I was carrying. He and his equally beautiful wife helped me pick up the contents of my purse off the floor and were overly apologetic for not watching where they were going. And then it happened. The morning of the premiere, I was sitting at the bar of this tiny diner next to the hotel known to be a hang out for many Hollywood stars, and Kevin Bacon asked me if he could have the only empty stool right next to me! I didn’t totally geek out and ask for a photo or autograph. In fact, I’m not even sure my cell at the time even had a camera. I am pretty sure that puts me in the one degree of separation category, right? Anyway, the kids were only slightly impressed, but I will always remember the morning I had bacon right next to Kevin Bacon.


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