Big Bang Boom Box

Many thanks to the folks at and the Victoria Theatre Association for letting me write another post for them. Here is a peek, you can get the full post here.


Makena is thrilled I caught her singing along with "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.

Recently, our kids have discovered Spotify and the wonders of creating their own playlist of favorites. From hair bands with screeching guitars to new artists that I haven’t even heard of, they love it all pumping through their headphones.

It reminds me of all those hours spent listening to the radio, hoping to catch my favorite song and that the DJ wouldn’t talk over the front of the track so I could get a good recording for later.

Although it can get embarrassing when your son starts singing “Stroke Me” in the middle of Target (true story), I have never had an issue with letting the kids listen to all kinds of music. In fact, our kids have always listened to the radio and have an impressive breadth of musical knowledge and quite an inclusive playlist because of it.

Just to prove it, check out their favorite songs on their current playlists…

Get the full post at Get tickets to the PNC Family Series Juice Box Jams with Big Bang Boom on Saturday, Jan. 24, at the Victoria at


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