He was a very good pet


Not the best pic of the little guy. Somehow he lived here three years and it's the only image I can find!

I had no intention of adding another pet to our brood. I was at a farm in Marysville, picking up water and sealable containers from a guy David found on Craigslist.

Little did I know that he was also a guinea pig and hamster breeder.

He had just sold an entire batch to a buyer from Petsmart that morning. All but one. A poor, scraggly, orange and white wiry-furred male that couldn’t even be used for breeding because his fur was so, well, not right.

The farmer gave me the guinea pig in a tiny box and sent me off with a small bag of alfalfa.

The kids were thrilled and Makenna decided he kind of looked like Shaggy from Scooby Doo with his orange shaggy hair.

And so,  he was our first new animal on the farm. For the past three years, Makenna and the boys have shared custody of Shaggy. He had a great view out Makenna’s room window and enjoyed watching the boys wrestle on their beds.

He ate a lot of carrots and spinach, hated cage cleaning, wasn’t big on nail clippings and squeaked like a mouse (but 100x louder) when he was out of water.

Last night our little guinea pig, Shaggy, passed away. Although sudden and unexpected, he had a good life and went relatively painlessly. Jackson has requested a funeral, which we will perform later today.

RIP Shaggy. You were a good pet.


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