Avoiding the tax man

Yesterday, I had promised myself I would spend the day getting our taxes done and ready to send off to the accountant today.

Tax prepapration is probably my least favorite chore every year. In fact, I will do just about anything else before doing taxes.

So here are the 10 things I did instead of my taxes:

1. Cleaned the house. I mopped floors, cleaned toilets, even washed windows. Ugh.

2. Put together puzzles with Jack. He’s totally gotten into them lately. I mean could you resist this face?


3. Went to Rural King. Sure we needed a few things, but nothing that couldn’t wait.

4. Searched Pinterest for an outfit to wear on Living Dayton today. Check me out at noon!

5. Graded papers.

6. Made fun Super Bowl snacks. Like these tasty little guys.

7. Reorganized my craft room.


8. Laundry. Ick.

9. Cleaned livestock pens. Bleh.

10. Thought about trying a different tax system for next year.

I finally got around to working on them during the Super Bowl and am about halfway finished. And my house is clean and organized.  So that’s something, right?


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