Ads with a mission


We love some football around here.

Throughout Sunday’s big game, David and I kept looking at each other. Sometimes we were near tears. Other times we were smiling. All of the time, we were impressed.

The number of brands that chose to make a statement about major problems facing our world today was surprising and inspiring. Our favorites included:

NFL on domestic violence

McDonalds on showing love & happiness

Dove on caring dad’s

Nissan on absentee parenting

Coca Cola on bullying and hatred

Dodge on living every day

Always on how great it is to be a girl

Nationwide on preventative accidents

Yes, we watch the game for entertainment. Yes, we all enjoy a good laugh. And there were plenty of those commercials, too (Doritos, Fiat, Esurance and T-Mobile just to name a few.)

How refreshing was it to see these brands using their millions of dollars to spread awareness of some serious social issues facing our world right now? Some of them were hard to watch (I’m looking at you, Nationwide), but that doesn’t mean they weren’t powerful and necessary.

Maybe the reason they bother so many of us is that it’s easier to pretend these issues don’t exist if we never talk about them. We would rather watch frollicing, writhing, half-naked women drinking beer with screaming goats and fast cars. Through those, we can escape reality.

I’m not saying that every Super Bowl commercial should get maudlin or that the same tactic should be used next year. However in our house, the fresh approach was well received and much appreciated.

On a side note,  many thanks to Katy Perry for an entertaining and clean half time show with costumes that actually covered you and the dancers and a few fun surprises. We enjoyed it!


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