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Check out Makenna’s latest post for the Victoria Theatre Association National Geographic Series. You can find the full post at Tickets are still available for the March 23 show at

Nat Geo Down on the Farm

The National Geographic series is returning to the Victoria Theatre! From amazing animals to incredible people to real life struggles around the world, National Geographic tells all the fascinating stories.

Teagan, Paul Nicklen and Makenna

Makenna with Paul Nicklen and my niece, Teagan, at the Victoria last year.

My brothers and I love to look at the photos, and I read the articles. So when the Victoria Theatre Association asked me to cover the National Geographic events last year, I couldn’t wait. The Nat Geo series keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. Thanks to the series, I have become a huge fan of Paul Nicklen, a Nat Geo photographer, and I follow him on Instagram.

I have come to the conclusion that Nat Geo should come and do an article on my family’s farm! We have it all – amazing animals, interesting people and real life challenges. It’s perfect! Farm life is both exciting and hard. You always have to be ready for anything – from birthing new animals to big storms and even predators. Being capable of handling these challenges makes you a stronger person.

Find out why Makenna thinks Nat Geo would love our farm in her full post at And thanks to the folks at Springboro Farmers Market for sharing. We can’t wait to be a part of the action this summer!





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