FARM PHILOSOPHY: Time to expand

cropped-294218_10150309431283503_1100976255_n.jpgFrom the start, our farm plan included:

1. Have an incredible environment in which to raise kids and teach them the value of hard work

2. Grow fresh, natural food to feed our family and maybe a few others

3. Provide an opportunity for David to retire from his day job

So far, we have been successful at achieving goals one and two.

I love seeing the kids out working with the animals. They don’t always do it the way I think they should and never in the amount of time it should take, but they are doing it. Every day. Twice a day.

Pulling food that you raised and grew from your freezer is an amazing feeling. Having your kids refuse to eat eggs at restaurants because they are just ‘not like ours’ is fabulous. Having other people tell you how much they enjoyed their roast or chops, ribs is a great feeling.

Number 3 is proving to be a bit more challenging. We knew going in small farms like ours are rarely profitable. Who am I kidding? They rarely break even. Knowing that, the plan was to look for opportunities to expand. But as it usually goes, we’ve gotten comfortable and busy and overwhelmed at times. Just keeping up with the everyday chores and the ongoing, never ending list of things to do is proving a challenge.

That said, my husband really wants to look forward to the future. To a time when he can farm full time and be outside every day. To working with his hands and with really big equipment.

But I am holding him back.

I am terrified of taking on more responsibility with less income. More debt with less income. More everything with less income – including so much more work.

But I am holding him back.

He needs to be in the sun everyday. He needs to come in from work smelling of dirt and fuel and even manure. He needs to drive tractors and combines and Bobcats daily. He needs to work on his own schedule without the fear of a client call at any time day or night. To be truly happy, he needs these things.

I need to do what I can to make that happen because I love him, and I want him to be happy.

So, we are expanding. This summer you will find BA Farms at the Springboro Farmers Market. I don’t have a clue what we will sell or how we will fill our booth every weekend, but we’ll be there.

If you visit our farm, you will find more cows, more chickens, more pigs and few new additions like turkeys and meat goats and maybe sheep. You will see me out and about at events less and in jeans and mud boots more. I will sport one fantastic farmer’s tan and drink more coffee at home than Starbucks. I will work more on the farm blog than my own. I will learn how to drive the tractors and back up with the trailer attached.

And pretty soon, you will wonder what I ever did before being a farmer’s wife.



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