It’s hard to take a decent mug shot


First, I need to say this is ALL my fault.
Second, I need to thank my husband for his support and patience and refrain in saying, “I told you so!”

Over the weekend, I finally got around to renewing my driver’s license. It was due on my birthday, but I kept forgetting to get it done.

I came into the local office, took my number and waited my turn. All was going well until the clerk quietly leaned across the counter and said,

“Ma’am? I’m going to give you back your old license and pretend like you were never here. Your license and registration are suspended. Technucalkt, I could call the sheriff and have you arrested for driving yourself here.”

Wait. WHAT??!!

She gave me the number for the regional Ohio BMV office and wished me a nice day.

I was in shock. After nearly 30 minutes on hold, a nice lady informed me that the Xenia Municipal Courts placed the suspension back in May of 2014 over an unpaid speeding ticket.

I knew exactly which ticket it was. It had been my first and only ticket in 20 years and the fine was $160! I also remembered paying the ticket on time. I told the lady this. After checking again, she let me know that I had paid with a personal check. Apparently, that’s not allowed. Only cash or money order.


So on Monday, David had to spend all day chauffering me from the Xenia Courts to the BMV Regional Reinstatement Office in Cincy and then to a BMV office (not to mention spending $250. I am finally legally licensed to drive again with the state of Ohio.

Note to self: Get your foot out of the pedal and always leave five minutes early!!!


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